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What Is Double-Dice?

Double-dice is a real-time game where a random number between 0 and 100 is generated

The game is provably fair, and all seeds are published so you can validate your rolls

You can pick your own odds and payout, and whether you think the number will be higher or lower

You can also stake the house, by investing in house with leverage

What Is the House Edge?

The house has a small 1 percent edge

What Is Wagered?

At this time only bitcoin is wagered

How Does the Game Work?

Select chance to win, or payout

Select bet size, or profit

Click Roll Low or Roll High

Each roll will generate a new random number between 0 and 100

If you win the roll, you are credited the payout. If you lose, the amount wagered is paid to the house

Is There a Faucet? Can I Try the Game Before Making a Deposit?

Yes, all new users are credited a small amount to start playing when they sign up

How Does Investing Work?

Click Invest in House

Enter Amount, and select leverage (leverage is 1 by default)

The Amount x Your Leverage is transfered to the House Investment

You keep 90 percent of your investment returns. The House collects just 10 percent.

If you use Leverage, its possible to have a positive investment balance, and negative available balance

Leverage has its own risks. If Your investment falls, and your leverage becomes greater than 20, Your investment will be automatically divested

Provably Fair?

Click on My Bets tab and hover over the Fair link

The Following java code is used to calculate the roll

public static final int roll(final long clientSeed, final long clientSeq, final String serverSeed) {
int rc = 0;
try {
  String sha = HmacSHA384.hexdigest("" + clientSeed + clientSeq, serverSeed);
  int shaint = Integer.parseInt(sha.substring(0, 7), 16);

   for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
     int mod = shaint % 10;
     shaint = shaint / 10;
     rc *= 10;
     rc += mod;

} catch (Exception e) {
return rc;

Is there a Referral / Affiliate Program?

Yes. Once logged, go to the profile screen and send your referral link to new users.

If the user signs up with your referral link within 7 days you will receive an ongoing commission of House Profits based upon how much is wagered and lost by that user

Referral commissions will paid indefinitely

How long does it take to process deposits or withdrawals?

Deposits are credited after 1 confirmation

All coins are stored in cold wallets for maximum security. The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.0001 BTC. Withdrawals may take up to 24 hours to process.

Can I get a Refund?

All bets are final